Top 10 Best Leather Shoes Brands In India | 2020 (updated)

best leather shoes brands in india

Hello friends, if you are looking for best leather shoes brands in India, then I am very happy to tell you that you have come to the right place. Because inside this article we are going to tell you about the top 10 leather shoes brands which are very popular in India and have been providing high quality shoes for a long time.

Friends, there will be many of you who are very fond of wearing formal dress. And he is looking for a branded leather shoes for his formal dress so that he gets a comfortable and long lasting leather shoes.

1. Hush Puppies

Hush Puppies is a foreign brand headquartered in Michigan. Hush Puppies are known all over the world for their leather shoes. It is providing its services in more than 120 countries, it has been making very good quality and stylish leather shoes for a long time, that is why it is very popular in the world. This shoe can be worn with a business suit. It can also be worn at business events and special occasions. The tagline of this brand is ‘More comfortable than feet’.

2. Red Chief

You will be happy to know that Red Chief is an Indian brand that has been making leather shoes for a very long time. Its most special thing is that it provides a good quality shoe at a very low price. It is also providing very good quality footwear in India as well as sweatshirts, jackets etc. This brand is continuously increasing the number of its products and launching new products.

3. Woodland

Woodland is a foreign brand. Which was established in the year 1992. The brand is known for providing strong and durable shoes. In India also it is famous for its strong leather shoes and hence it is also very well liked by the people. You can use its shoes externally, hence it is the first choice of trackers. Also you can use it as a formal on special occasions.

4. Lee Cooper

Lee Cooper is a leather formal shoes brand. Which has been providing its services in India for a very long time. It offers shoes made in India of very classy leather. It provides a very comfortable and stylish shoe hence it is popular across the country. This brand continuously launches its many new shoes.

5. Red Tape

Red tape is known for its unique comfort, different styling and ingenuity. It is a very high-end shoe brand that has been committed to providing high quality footwear for many years. The special thing about this brand is that it has a huge variety of shoes in which you can see many designs and trendy shoes.

6. U.S. Polo

U.S. Polo is a subsidiary of the American Polo Association, which has been serving the entire world for a very long time. It is very famous for its classy shoe design and its style. Also, they always keep the trend in mind while making shoes, so their shoes are the first choice of the youth. U.S. Polo’s leather shoe line best reflects his personality and status.

7. Louis Phillipe

Louis Phillipe is a men’s flagship premium Indian brand. Which has been providing leather shoes in different range for the last several years. If you are a youth and opt for formal dress then you should always go with this brand because in this brand you get variety of new designs and stylish shoes. Which gives you a premium rich look in formal dress too.

8. Bata

It is one of the world’s largest shoe brands, known for its shoe durability and durability. This company was started in the year 1931. This brand says that it sells over 1 million shoes daily in the world. According to this company, its production factory is operating in more than 18 countries. Also, more than 70 countries sell their shoes through the store.

9. Allen Solly

Allen Solly is one of the fastest growing fashion brands, a premium lifestyle player in retail. It has been providing services in India for many years. These shoes are made of high quality leather which is very strong to durable. Also, in this you get to see very good designs and stylish shoes, which is very attractive.

10. Clarks

Clarks is a very prominent footwear brand founded in 1825. Which provides its footwear with over 150 brand stores all over the world. It is very famous for Desert Boots which are made of calf leather. Clarks is the winner in a high quality shoes world at a low price.


I hope you find this information of the best leather shoes brands in India very good and you have got to know a lot. If yes, then share this article with your friends. Also if there are any questions. Then comment. We will definitely answer your comment.


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